How to Download Youtube/Hulu Movies for iPhone on Mac OS (Lion included)

Of course you now can watch movies online, there are more and more video sharing sites like YouTube, Vevo, Viacom, Hulu, Netflix, Fox etc. you can visit to find whatever video we want. And as an iPhone user, you must have found that it’s quite annoying to watch movies online on iPhone – no Flash player supported.  And, yeah, what if there is no Wi-Fi or a weak Wi-Fi only? So how about download movies for your iPhone movie experience on the move? Here you can get some help:

To make iPhone downloads, a professional video Downloader of course is a must. To make the task easy, iTube Studio for Mac is used in this article. This app runs on Mac OS (Lion included), and allows you to download any web video from YouTube, Google Video, Facebook, Hulu, Netfilx and more.

Step 1. Download and insatll the Video Downloader for Mac, launch it

Step 2. Open Safari and find your movie then play it

You can see a download button on the top of your playing video, click it to download movies for iPhone now. After that, you will see the movie downloads on the library of the app.

By the way, after the installation of the iTube Studio for Mac, you then can see the download button once you play a video on Safari, so you can just click it to download whenever you find a funny video story or some other videos.

iPhone movie downloads

Step 3. Select iPhone preset and press Convert

To play the downloaded video on iPhone(iPhnoe 4S), you need do one more thing: convert movies to iPhone, because the movies are saved as FLV videos which is a widely used dilivery format online but unfortunately is incompatible with iPhone. So here, iTube Studio provides you conversion function to get movie downloads for iPhone: go  to the library of the video downloader and check the movies.

(You can both select the movie downloads and local FLV files to convert.) Click convert at the bottom of the interface. The iTube Studio specailly provides iPhone preset to make the output video look good on your iPhone 3.7 screen after the conversion, so here, choose iPhone preset under Apple devices directly.

movie downloads for iPhone

After the movie to iPhone conversion, open your iTunes then add the output movie to the iTunes library, and connect your iPhone to Mac, sync the item to the device. Now tap on iPod icon on your iPhone, and you will see the movie listed, tap on it to play. That’s all. Very easy. Enjoy yourself now with those iPhone movie downloads on the device anywhere and anytime.