Nowadays YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website and offers people the ability to share almost any kind of video, including educational videos, music videos, movie trailers, comedies and so on. As an iPad user, you might wanna download YouTube video directly off the site to your iPad for video entertainment on the go. If so, here’s how.

After much googling, we’ve found that it’s impossible to download YouTube videos to iPad unless you jailbreak the pad, but it’s quite easy to download YouTube videos to iPad via your Mac or PC. The only headache is finding a good YouTube video Downloader among the usual heap of downloaders availabe. After a few comparisons, a Video Downloader for Mac named iTube Studio for Mac was chosen for its excellent performance in downloading YouTube videos.

The Mac YouTube video downloader works on Macs running Mac OS X 10.5 and above, including Mac OS X Lion. It’s professional in downloading on Mac and can download web video including YouTube to iPad or some other devices and players easily. Here is the guide of downloading YouTube video to iPad on Mac OS X (Lion included):

1. Download and install iTube Studio

2. Open Safari and find the YouTube video and play it, on the top of which you will see a download button, click the button.

The YouTube video will be listed in the library of the iTube Studio for Mac after the downloaded, then you can:

3. Convert YouTube video to iPad: Check the downloaded video in the library, and choose the iPad preset offered, then click Convert at the bottom of the interface.

download youtube videos on iPad

Import the converted YouTube video to your iTunes library, connect your iPad to Mac and transfer the YouTube videos to iPad via iTunes as you used to do for file sync.